To Tan or Not to Tan?: that is the REAL question

Fake tan contains DHA, a substance which reacts with the cells in the top layer of the skin to produce the tanned, brown colour. Although, fake tan may stop us wanting to get a natural tan, it can still leave us exposed to the dangers of the sun.


Recently, mental health has been a prominent feature in the news. Early last week we witnessed the undoing of a man who has been a major feature on our telly screens for almost three decades. Ant McPartlin alongside partner Declan Donnelly has epitomised the childhood and British culture of the Millennial generation. As kids, we... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Cervical Screening: Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

At the time of writing this post, a petition on has 363, 226 signatures. The campaign is aimed at lowering the age of cervical screening to 18 for high-risk groups.  The petition was set up by Keeley McCormick who would like the implementation of a law which allows GP’s to screen females under 25... Continue Reading →

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