Welcome to my blog…

In a world where information is disseminated continuously it is essential that everyone is kept up to date. However, sometimes in the world of science it can be hard to stay on top especially when the information and results may be constantly changing. Science is no different to any other genre be it politics, art even entertainment everyone has the right to be kept updated. Over the years I’ve discovered that although science and medicine pretty much encompasses everything there is to know about life itself it’s not always universal. Reports are often full of jargon which can confuse the situation and let’s think about it, when the media get wind of the latest developments well that’s a whole new level. Scaremongering. Deceit. False hope. Often our views are influenced by the media for a variety of reasons normally because they attempt to break down the barriers of scientific jargon and attempt to put it into Lehmans terms. Or more often than not to use it for their own advantage be it financially or popularity driven. That’s the reasoning behind this blog to take something relevant in the scientific world and explain it or at times questioning it. Please feel free to read, comment and get involved.

I hope you enjoy this journey